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Energy transport

What route does the green electricity of the wind turbines follow before it ends up on the electricity grid?

The wind turbines are connected with infield cables (5 kV), in 5 ‘strings’ of 10 turbines and 1 string of 5 turbines.

The infield cables can handle a voltage of 33 kV (or 33,000 Volt, compared to the mains voltage at home of 220 V). All infield cables put together have a total length of 50 km.

Per string there is also a 33-kV cable to the Offshore High Voltage Station in the centre of the wind farm. The OHVS converts the voltage from 33kV to 150 kV, to reduce the loss during transport and sends the power to shore via an export cable. This 150 kV-export cable is approx. 30 cm thick, weighs 80 kg per metre and is 52 km long. The cable is rolled out in one piece and then buried in the seabed.

At the beach of Zeebrugge the export cable is connected to a 3 km long land cable. This goes to our second high-voltage station, the Booster Transformer Station, which takes care of the reactive current after which the power is fed into Elia's transmission grid in Zeebrugge.