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General info

Belwind's shareholders are Colruyt Group, Dahm, Meewind, PMV and Rabo investments.

In the first of 2 phases, Belwind is building fifty-five 3 MW wind turbines on a sandbank in the North Sea. It is the furthest offshore wind farm with the deepest foundations in the seabed.

This large wind farm is built like a real power plant and will be run as such. This piece of technical ingenuity will supply green power to 160,000 households. CO2 emissions will be cut by 160,000 tonnes, and no dust, sulphur or other toxic substances will be emitted.

The sandbank, the Bligh Bank, is 46 km off the coast of Zeebrugge. Because it is so far out to sea the wind turbines are not visible from land.

The first phase of this power station should be fully operational towards the end of 2010. In 2012 we expect to start the second phase, also with a maximum capacity of 165 MW.

The wind farm zone is outside any shipping lanes and outside territorial waters, in the area the Belgian authorities have delimited to build wind energy farms.

The 55 turbines are connected by 33 kV sea cables to an offshore high-voltage station. A 150 kV cable connects the station to an onshore high-voltage station, and then to the Belgian high-voltage grid managed by Elia in Zeebrugge.

From there the journey continues right into your home to switch on the light or the heating...