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Power plant


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Planning / Timeline

In August 2010 all wind turbines will be ready. The offshore high-voltage station will be towed to its location in the wind farm and installed there. The onshore network, including the booster-transformer high-voltage station, will also be ready by then. In September, all the cables are connected and tested. Between October and December the farm will be in a test phase. Towards the end of December the whole park will be operational.

April 2006

Concession application

1 July 2006

Exclusivity Belwind

June 2007

Concession obtained

July 2007

Submission of Environmental impact evaluation and Sea cable and wind farm permit application. Environmental impact evaluation.

Sept - Oct 2007

Public consultation

20 February 2008

Permit and authorisation for the construction and operation of an offshore wind farm

12 November 2008

Road permit for the land cable and Declaration of Public Interest

January 2009

Flemish building permit for the land cable

February 2008

Permit for the sea cable

24 July 2009

Financial Close

August 2009

8 september 2009

Start of construction: preparatory activities

Installation of the first foundation

September - February 2010

Installation of foundations

October – March 2010

- August – September 2010

Installation transition pieces

Export cable

August 2010

Installation Offshore High Voltage Station (OHVS)

August 2010

Completion Booster transformator station

March - September 2010

Installation turbines

22 october 2010

First delivery of electricity

31 december 2010

Wind farm fully operational