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Steel foundations

Just like a house, the foundation is vital for a wind turbine. Belwind opted for hollow foundation piles (called ‘monopiles’), which are 7 cm thick steel, 5 metres in diameter, 50 to 72 m long and weigh 350 to 500 tonnes. On the Bligh Bank the piles are sunk or driven 35 meters into the seabed.

On top of the foundation piles a ready-made, 25 metre transition piece is connected with ladder, deck and pipes to protect the electricity cables from the waves.

At the start of February 2010, all 56 foundation piles were in position: 55 for the wind turbines and 1 for the Offshore High Voltage Station. Towards the end of March 2010, 7 months after the start of the works, all transition pieces had been fitted on the monopiles.